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Do I need an accountant?

This is not a compulsory requirement and indeed many individuals with simple tax affairs may wish to do everything themselves. The advantage with using an accountants is that a) we will use our experience to save you tax where possible and b) we will provide you with a great deal of peace of mind by allowing you to get on with the ‘day job’ safe in the knowledge that your accounting and tax affairs are being looked at by a professional.

I’m worried about having a huge bill at the end of the year, is this likely to be the case?

No, we believe in fix fee pricing whenever possible. Due to our experience we have a very good idea of what services and work is required for you or your business so can often agree a fixed monthly fee from the very beginning. The good thing about this is that is provides flexibility in the future so that we can add or remove any services that are required at a later date. *In some circumstances there may be a one off catch up fee where you have changed accountants or are behind with your accounting and tax affairs.

Do I have to come in to meet you?

Although many local businesses and individuals take us up on our offer of a free initial consultation, we service many of our clients remotely through email, telephone calls and internet services, not too dissimilar to your ‘local bank’.

I have heard about cloud/online accounting, is this something you can offer?

We have embraced the cloud accounting revolution and pride ourselves in being a younger and more modern accounting practice. As a result we are very quick to adopt new technology that can benefit us and our clients. Although we love cloud software (in particular Xero and Quickbooks online) we also take your records in all shapes and sizes. We pride ourselves in being a flexible practice that accommodates a wide variety of people.

Can you offer bookkeeping services as well as the standard year end services?

We can offer quarterly bookkeeping services that can be designed to either save you precious time during the year to spend on running your business and increasing your profits or to also go one step further and offer insights during the year on business performance. These are optional and we will help you decide what the best arrangement is.

I don’t want to commit to a monthly payment, I like the idea of paying as I go when I need my accounts etc completed. Is this an option?

Although paying monthly is the preferred option for many clients we also have many who simply pay us on an annual basis once we complete any work for you. For a more simple tax return case, it is quite common to send us your information once the tax year finished and we will then raise an invoice after completing the work for you.

I already have an accountant, is it possible to change?

It is fairly common practice, once you have discussed your situation with us and we have made a proposal, you will then need to inform your existing accountant (by email, telephone, in writing etc) that you will like us to take over your affairs. Cheltenham Tax Accountants will then contact your existing accountant to request any information that is relevant to you.

You can either come in face to face and discuss everything with us and we will provide a quote either there and then or via email, or alternatively feel free to complete our FREE MEETING form on our website and we will get back to you ASAP.

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