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This quiz provides a snapshot of where you are in your development as a business owner and how to create an action plan and start making immediate changes.

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Are You An Amateur or Professional Business Owner?

Starting a business is a thrilling adventure. It’s a risk that many are willing to take in pursuit of their dreams. However, it’s essential to understand that when you start a business, you’re an amateur business owner. You’ve never run a business before, and everything you do is a learning experience.

Unfortunately, most amateur business owners never grow beyond this stage. They get stuck in the day-to-day operations, thinking like an employee, and never building the skills and mindset required to run a successful business. In other words, they take a risk to start a business with a dream but end up with a job.

This quiz provides a snapshot of where you are in your development as a business owner and how to create an action plan and start making immediate changes.

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About Stephen Edwards and CTA

Stephen is the founder of CTA Profit First Accountants. We have helped dozens of entrepreneurial business owners grow their businesses with sound finance foundations along with proven cash and profit maximising systems as Profit First Professionals.

CTA are more than just accountants, we help ambitious owners create a business that gives them the freedom they crave through sound financial foundations, a focus on profitability and proactively planning your financial future.

In 2023 I took a month off from my business and it ran without me. It didn’t affect my cashflow, my profit or my personal income by taking a month off. This was a challenge I set myself 10 years ago when I started CTA. I am now passionate about sharing my system with other business owners. I have invested over £50,000 in business training and self-development and £150,000 plus in lost time in my business. I invested in myself and the growth of my business and want to help others do the same.

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Free Instant Profit Assessment. Most businesses are nowhere near as profitable as they could and SHOULD BE! As part of our free ‘Instant Profit Assessment’ we will let you know how much profit you should be working towards and how much is currently left on the table.

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What is Profit First? It is a Game Changer. We 100% believe that. It transforms business owners’ lives, FULL STOP. We live and breathe the PF method ourselves and have seen the impact it has on businesses.

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