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Limited Companies

Limited Company is one of the most tax efficient ways of trading and as a result has never been so popular. There is more involved when running a Limited company compared to a Sole trader but that is where we step in! We can get you up and running in a matter of hours and then take care of all your accounting needs.

Fees starting from as low at £50 per month

Fixed Monthly Fee

One low monthly fee to cover everything you need. We don’t do “hidden” charges and we have no tie ins or leaving fees.

Accounts & Returns

All of the accounts and various returns needed for your Limited company. Including Payroll, VAT returns & Corporation Tax returns. We will also take care of all other compliance paperwork.

Tax efficent

Free tax planning from your accountant throughout the year. We keep up to date with the latest news and tax rates from HMRC to help you pay as little tax as legally possible.

Free software

Free access to accounting software helping you to raise your invoices and log your expenses. It will provide you with up to date tax estimates and show you how much money you can withdraw.

We are big advocates of cloud software in particular Xero. We are more than happy to recommend the best package for you and help get you up and running. Click here for more information on Xero.

100% compliant

We are suitably trained/qualified, we are experts in helping freelancers, contractors & small businesses. Ensuring they keep their skills and knowledge up to date is how we make sure to keep you the right side of HMRC.