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Moving with the times?

I see many different types of business clients through my fortunate position of being an accountant. It is one of […]

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Online or local?

More and more people are using online services for everyday tasks and also for running their businesses. Less and less […]

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Play To Your Strengths

As a small business owner I understand the importance of playing to your own strengths. I was often asked the […]

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Ok so I haven’t been ‘blogging’ for some time. Even though I tended to only do lots of quoting from posts […]

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How To Choose An Accountant

This is probably relevant for many industries and not just accountants, however I will share my experience on what should […]

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Christmas At The Joneses Is Not Cheap

Christmas and Eggnog, I love this combination as much as the next person. We all like to indulge in various […]

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