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Gloucester accountants – We are accountants based in Cheltenham but offering a full accounting and tax service to individuals and businesses from Gloucester also. This page is designed to let you (and google) know that we may be called ‘Cheltenham Tax Accountants’ but we are really Cheltenham and Gloucester Tax Accountants! If you have any questions on how we can help you, whether you are local or anywhere else in the UK such as Bristol, London etc, feel free to contact us directly to assess your needs. We also offer a full online service.

Home/business visit offer –  As we are based in Cheltenham, we are more than happy to travel to you if that is more convenient or meet somewhere for a coffee (with me Stephen the Director).



MAY 2018

You can now arrange meetings online

For any enquires we get from Gloucester you can now complete a meeting request form online. Feel free to arrange it here. The meeting can be in our office or over the phone.


OCT 2017


Just an update to say that we moved to some lovely new offices in Charlton Kings in Cheltenham. Much bigger and easier to pay near by.



Your motivation defines your success

It’s important to understand why you want to start a business because your motives will shape your approach. Answer these questions to figure out your why:

What does success look like to you?

What will set you apart?

What are your business values?

Let’s work through the importance of these questions one at a time.



Profitability challenges for agencies and freelancers

Accounting tips to help

Good client communication will help avoid many of these traps, but internal accounting systems also have a role to play. You’ll do much better if you can:

create realistic estimates

send detailed invoices

get reimbursed for expenses

stay on top of cash flow – and get access to credit

simplify payroll for your ever-changing staff and freelance roster


18th June 2017


Like many of our clients as a small business owner myself I can relate to the changes that have hit us fledgling entrepreneurs   and bread winners recently. You would think that HMRC have an agenda against us due to the challenge it seems to throw our way. These changes over the last few years have included RTI (Real Time Information) for payroll submissions, a cap on the employers relief available to some employers (those that only have a sole employee including the director), new tax collected on dividends (dividends above 5k in 2016/17 and 2k in 2017/18 now attract 7.5 % tax for basic rate tax payers and now the joys of the new ‘Making Tax Digital’ to MTD regime (see content further down this page).

It can be overwhelming, as if a small business or start up didn’t already had another challenge to cope with, the landscape certainly seems to be making it even more difficult. The good news is that it is now easier to start a business than it ever was before! The joys of the internet and upcoming big brother regime that is MTD do present us with plenty of opportunities to balance out all of the forces against us. It is called ‘Google’! You of course already know this as you have found this website and more than likely found it through Google. However, if you are an existing or new business and you don’t have a strong web presence and more specifically Google presence then you better hope that your customers are singing your praises as web traffic and word of mouth of the two most vital forms of marketing in this day and age.

We may be a firm of accountants but if you are keen to explore this side of your business further please contact Stephen Edwards.




Technology is moving on, fast, very fast. Most of you will now be aware of cloud software or online accounting software. There are a number of providers available nowadays including Xero, Quickbooks, Clearbooks, Freeagent, QuickFile amongst others. We have been an advocate of cloud software for some time now. However, we have not tried to force this way of bookkeeping onto our clients as we pride ourselves on being accountants that can offer a diverse service to small businesses and individuals. The trusted old spreadsheet is in my humble opinion still fantastic, particularly for sole traders and landlords etc. The famous shoe box of records is fine by us also as we understand that many people do not have time to keep up to date with the bookkeeping and bring it in once a year for us to magic into a set of accounts and personal tax return.













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